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DIGITRONIC MAXI 2 is modern control unit, compatible with the vast majority of 4 cylinder vehicles including  standard, turbo and valvetronic. The MAXI 2 ECU was designed to achieve both – reducing installation time and increase capabilities of the software. The heart of the unit is a powerful 32-bit processor with incredible potential for future upgrades as well.

  • Easy installation – Quick installation with minimum number of wires
  • Efficient, simple and intuitive calibration program
  • Compact, sealed housing
  • Button with built-in buzzer and simple 3-wire connection
  • Simple calibration – All functions are located on two panels and without the need for switching between tabs allowing perfect calibration
  • Functionality – A new 32-bit processor-based hardware platform – unlimited potential for upgrading – the ability to run the program without a controller in DEMO mode.
Intelligent (automatic) maintenance of additional injection (Mazda ™)
Asynchronous injection
Adjustable threshold for switching off additional injections
Built-in correction of gas temperature and pressure
Heating of gas nozzles with the possibility of setting the temperature of its activation
A map of additional correction from the gas temperature
Additional gas pressure correction map
Pressure relief of the reducer when cut-off
Setting an acceptable number of emergency launches on gas
Sound indication, informing about the starting of emergency mode
Warm start (start & stop), it is also possible to apply the option in settings on hybrid engines
Automatic adjustment of the gas level indication
Detection of a gas pressure sensor errors
Auto-calibration option with simultaneous inclusion of all injectors "All at once"
Automatic selection of the multiplier (coefficient) of the map
Reading of revolutions on the basis of impulses from gasoline injection
Test of actuating elements: nozzles, solenoid valve, button, buzzer
Option "depletion on the cold engine", which limits the maximum injection time on a cold engine (VAG)


  • Switch with level indicator.
  • PT-MAP sensor.
  • Harness with waterproof plugs.
  • Waterproof fuse box.
  • clamps.
  • manifold nozzle.
  • vacuum T-connector.


24 months warranty from the date indicated on the product.

The warranty applies only when the installation of the kit was made in the certified by the DIGITRONIC conversion center.

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