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DIGITRONIC iQ 4 is a modern control unit incorporating all the advanced technologies and the latest developments of the gas and automobile industries. Automatic adaptation of the OBD, Innovative auto-adaptation of ISA3, Maintenance of the CAN interface and K-LINE according to OBD2 / EOBD is just the beginning of long list of iQ4 features. This ECU is also equipped with an integrated parameter reader and errors OBDII / EOBD. The following standards are supported: – ISO 15765 (ext.std. 250 / 500Kbits) – commonly referred to as “CAN”; – ISO 14230 (5Baud, Fast init); – ISO 9141 – commonly referred to as “K-line.

Increased the idle-locked zone for auto-adaptation after auto-calibration
Improved algorithm for the full opening of gas injectors
ISA3 - in cars with two rows of cylinders (Bank1 and Bank2) and the adaptation in OpenLoop, the parameter "Lambda factor" for Bank2 is added automatically
A mechanism that prevents the OBD parameters from turning off (after the control unit is rebooted) that are needed during the ISA3 adaptation
Valvetronic - after autocalibration, the entire idle speed line in the "MAP correction map" is excluded from adaptation (OBD / ISA3)
Automatic closing of the solenoid valve when the reducer temperature drops below 10 ° C
Audible alarm "Left the Bluetooth module" (three long beeps)


  • Switch with horn signal and level indicator.
  • PT-MAP sensor.
  • Harness with waterproof plugs.
  • Waterproof fuse box.
  • clamps.
  • manifold nozzle.
  • vacuum T-connector.


24 months warranty from the date indicated on the product.

The warranty applies only when the installation of the kit was made in the certified by the DIGITRONIC conversion center.

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